Get Ready For Cheaper Mobile Phones Calls And SMS

On the phone a lot? The ACCC has been pushing for cuts and caps to the prices telcos charge to access each other’s networks and send SMS.

So far it’s just a draft ruling, but the ACCC wants to reduce the unfair costs, hopefully improving competition amongst phone plans.

On the chopping board are call termination fees that providers charge each other to connect to customers on each of their networks. Right now they are 3.6 cents a minute, but would be reduced to 1.61 cents under the proposal.

SMSs could also get cheaper, with a potential cap of just 0.03 cents.

Of course many providers offer unlimited text message and large amounts of included calls, so these changes won’t save everyone money.

The ACCC will announcing its final plans in July, with the changes taking place from January 2016.


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