Failed Queensland ATM Theft Quickly Turns Into A Comedy Of Errors

Ah yes, the old "pull an ATM free using a vehicle" trick. It seems a simple premise, with what one would suspect is an equally straightforward execution, but seeing as most thieves aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, it's a heist that often goes terribly wrong. Such is the case for this as-yet unidentified crook from Townsville, Queensland, who was undone by his own daftness.

The video above, released last week by Queensland Police, shows the hilarious results of the man's bungled attempt to rescue an ATM from its humble service station abode.

Ignoring the fact the man's escapades were caught on tape via several closed-circuit TV cameras, things appear to get off to an OK start. Trouble begins however when the would-be burglar, with hook and chain in tow, gets caught on a rotating display. This requires the man to tug a few times on the chain to get it close enough to the ATM and in the process, disconnects it from the ute.

Having successfully attached the hook to the ATM, the man returns to his vehicle (stolen, of course). He doesn't notice that the chain has come loose and in his excitement, drives off. The ATM, unsurprisingly, does not follow.

The man returns, processes the situation and after trying to yank the ATM end closer to the ute, decides to call off the entire venture and leave the scene.

It's at once sad and funny... but mostly funny. And no, he hasn't been caught, but if this enlightening footage is anything to go by, it's just a matter of time.

[YouTube, via the Townsville Bulletin]

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    I dunno, we've got to give him some credit. I mean for once the bumbling criminal actually did the smart thing and left when things got too complicated. He went to re-attach the chain, saw it didn't reach and got out of there. A lot of people would have re-parked the ute closer to the door and in order to try again. The whole plan hinges on being too quick for anyone to respond so every minute he's screwing around with the car increases the chances of him getting caught.
    He's still a dumbass and the plan is stupid on a whole bunch of levels, but he's a dumbass that realised he was better off leaving empty handed than sticking around too long and risking getting caught loading an ATM into a stolen car.

    Last edited 17/05/15 3:30 pm

    Probably a good thing he didn't get the ATM out of the servo. They're very heavy and quite difficult to bust open. Then you have to be careful that your ice-addict girlfriend doesn't kick it over and squash your skull :)

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