Everything You Didn’t Know About The Original Mad Max Films

Everything You Didn’t Know About The Original Mad Max Films

It’s hard to believe we’re getting a new Mad Max film after three decades — one made by creator George Miller no less. The franchise is one of the most enduring accomplishments of Australian film, yet despite its popularity, how much do we really know about how it was made? Well, after this video you’ll almost be an expert.

io9’s Abhimanyu Das has penned an extensive piece — and accompanying videoon the making of Mad Max. Facts include everything from Miller’s influences and experiences that helped shape the series…

The subculture around cars and violence became an early subject of preoccupation for [Miller], especially after he lost three friends to accidents in his teenage years. Later, as a doctor working in a casualty department, he would see numerous road accident victims, practically on a daily basis … As Miller put it in a 1979 interview with Cinema Papers, “The USA has its gun culture, we have our car culture.”

…to the history and fate of Max’s dog, “Dog”:

[Dog] was a Queensland Heeler rescued from an RSPCA pound the day before he was set to be euthanised … Unfortunately, given the subject matter of the film, it turned out that Dog was terrified of cars. This issue was bypassed by plugging Dog’s ears with cotton during the louder scenes.

In a happy turn of events, Dog was adopted by Dale Aspin, one of the stuntwomen who worked on the film.

With Fury Road just around the corner, this is a great way to brush up on the series. You can also watch the originals, but I’m sure that’s already on the calendar. If it isn’t… what are you doing with your life?


Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures