Everyone Will Fill A Baseball Glove Flask With Gatorade, Right?

Everyone Will Fill a Baseball Glove Flask With Gatorade, Right?

We haven't solved world hunger, and peace on a global scale isn't happening anytime soon, but if there's one thing humanity has mastered, its finding a way to smuggle booze. So if you play baseball, or just enjoy watching America's pastime from the stands, it's time to upgrade your glove to the Glask which features a hidden flask inside.

Everyone Will Fill a Baseball Glove Flask With Gatorade, Right?

The outfield can get pretty lonely at times, but the occasional nip of hooch can definitely help battle boredom if your pitcher is throwing strike after strike. And for the fans, the Glask is the perfect way to save a little money at the ballpark letting you bring your own booze and avoid a stadium's ridiculous markup. What security guard is going to suspect your baseball glove is full of libations?

The Glask is being realised through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that appears to have already met its funding goal. But you can still pre-order one, with a delivery expected sometime in June of this year, starting at just $US25. It's probably not going to be the best baseball glove you've ever owned, at least when it comes to catching balls, but that's definitely not the number one reason most people will be pre-ordering one. [Kickstarter - Glask via Oddity Mall]


    Wouldn't doing this be equivalent to strapping a weight (of roughly a hundred grams for each 100ml) to your catching hand? And isn't moving your hands responsively when trying to catch a ball occasionally important?

    Putting the drink in a glove means that mass has a much higher moment arm and requires a lot more strength to swing that mass around than if it were mounted almost anywhere else.

    I'd put this firmly in the list of things that sound smart but are actually pretty stupid.

      higher moment arm

      Did you mean momentum? Or am I missing something?

      Anyway, what you said is true, but I'm sure this is just designed as a ruse to sneak liquor into places, not as an actual glove that you would use when filled with liquid.

        Nope, I meant moment arm.

        Note my background in mechanical engineering and physics is pretty slim, so somebody else may have a better explanation for this...

        Basically when you're swinging a mass around at the end of a "stick" (such as a human arm), the distance from the place where force is applied to the place where the mass being moved is located is called the moment arm. The force that needs to be applied (at your shoulder or elbow, or both) is torque.

        If the "stick" is longer you need to apply more torque to get it moving through the same arc of motion. (Naturally, since the mass winds up moving more quickly.)

        If you want to smuggle liquor into a ballgame I'm sure there are simpler ways.

          Ahhh, I see, I just looked it up too, you were right, just sounded weird to new ears.

          True, wouldn't have to bring a glove full of liquor if you just had a flask in your top pocket, or backpack hidden under a bunch of innocent things.

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