Drunk Shopping Service Seems Like A Very Bad Idea

You know what you really shouldn't be doing while drunk? (Besides driving and or texting your ex?) Impulsively flexing your credit card online. But some people want to bring out our worst tendencies, and so now, there's a service in the US that will text you links to stuff you don't need when you're sloshed.

Private jet picture from Shutterstock

Every Saturday night at 2 am, Drunk Shopping, which describes itself as "the shopping experience that delights in sloppy judgement," will send subscribers a picture of something useless, such as a giant piano mat, a t-shirt with Nic Cage's face plastered everywhere (yes, it exists, and no, I won't share the link), or a Nessie ladle (ok, maybe you could use Nessie to stir that pot of mac 'n cheese you really don't need to be cooking at 3 am.)

Drunk Shopping Service Seems Like a Very Bad Idea

Appropriately, all you need to do to sign up for the service is text "heyyyyyy" to the phone number 551-333-7865 and the descent begins. The service is currently available to US residents only, which is probably just as well.


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