Do You Text In The Shower?

Do You Text In The Shower?

John McAfee — you know, the bizarre, eccentric millionaire behind famous antivirus software — says teenage girls are texting in the shower. And people are SPYING on them doing it. That just sounds ridiculous (no, not the spying thing, that’s actually possible). Who in their right mind would bring their phone with them into the shower?

These people, apparently:

I don’t know, lady. That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

Yes. Absolutely. That’s a thing that can happen.

OK, clearly you people know this is a bad idea.

At least you’re being safe …ish, but why? Why are you doing this?

So you’re just being polite, then? No. No I just can’t accept that.

This is blowing my mind. Tell me, Gizmodo: do you text in the shower? No? Yes? Yes?! Really?! Dear god, man — why?!

Let’s talk about all the electronics devices you bring into the shower that totally aren’t supposed to be there and what the hell you’re thinking. Make me a believer, readers. The comments await.

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