Aussie Police Want You To Stop Uploading Dashcam Footage

Dashcam videos make for some insane viewing, but the cops are kind of sick of you sharing it online.

Following an incident in Tasmania where a teenager played chicken with a vehicle on a highway, police have urged citizens to hand in their dashcam footage for investigation.

Speaking to the ABC, Tasmania Police Sergeant Troy Morrisby said that the police would be keen to investigate incidents captured on dashcams.

"Come and see us," the Sergeant said. "We will certainly investigate all matters that are reported to us," he added.

The Sergeant's pleas come as Victoria Police have charged a driver with offences relating to doing a burnout at an intersection. The cops were tipped off to the crime when a citizen came forward with a smartphone photo of the incident.

The driver's car has since been impounded for a month, and he's facing towing costs almost $1000.

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