A Programming Languages Alphabet Book Could Spark An Interest In Coding

A Programming Languages Alphabet Book Could Spark An Interest In Coding

You have no idea what your kids will grow up to be while they’re still toddlers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t gently nudge them towards one vocation or another. And since those fancy computers aren’t going away any time soon, perhaps a career in coding might be worthwhile, inspired by this alphabet book featuring popular programming languages.

There are presumably hundreds and hundreds of programming languages to choose from out there, which means that the authors of Programming Languages ABC++, Michael and Martine Dowden, didn’t have too much trouble finding just 26 to represent each letter of the alphabet. Each page of the book features a description and history of a given language, as well as a sample “Hello World” program written in its specific syntax.

As far as children’s books go it’s incredibly nerdy, but that’s all part of the appeal. Your kids probably aren’t going to drift off at night dreaming about debugging code after a bedtime story, but if they show an interest for what they’re seeing on each page, you just might have yourself a future developer.

Programming Languages ABC++ is currently a Kickstarter project that’s already reached its modest $US5,000 funding goal with 27 days still left in its campaign. The book is already written and illustrated, the folks behind it just need a small mountain of cash to pay to have it printed. And that’s where your $US15 donation comes in if you want to pre-order a copy ahead of its estimated September release.

Is it worth backing? Of course it is. Do you think future employers will care if your kid has a rudimentary knowledge of green eggs and ham instead? [Kickstarter — Programming Languages ABC++]