15 Ridiculous Headlines From The Dr Oz Show's Website

15 Ridiculous Headlines From The Dr Oz Show's Website

Dr Oz is in hot water over his promotion of garbage weight loss cures and anti-GMO fear-mongering. His defence? The doctor claims his widely popular TV program "isn't a medical show". Which, if you ignore the fact that he often wears scrubs and has the word doctor right there in his show's title, might have some truth to it.

Is the Dr Oz show a medical show? We did a quick search of Dr Oz's website to find some clues. Below are fifteen headlines that really stuck out to us, from talking to the dead to palm reading. Whatever this show is, it's certainly not making us any smarter.

Radical Cures Your Doctor Thinks Are Crazy

The mainstream medical community calls his ideas irresponsible, but Dr Joe Mercola says his radical cures could change your health forever. See his all-natural answers to cancer, weight gain, exhaustion and more. [via]

Numerology, The Healing Power of Numbers

Is there a cosmic connection between your date of birth and your health? Numerologist Glynis McCants thinks so! Learn how to find your Life Path number and what it means for your health. See what Dr Oz's number reveals about him. [via]

Harnessing Your Psychic Power

John Edward reveals his tips for developing your intuition. Find out how to unlock your psychic potential. [via]

How Talking to the Dead Can Keep You Healthy

Reality television star Theresa Caputo explains the benefits of choosing the medium life path and connecting to spirits. [via]

Quiz: Are Your Chakras Blocked?

In traditional Eastern medicine, it is believed that the body contains seven major "energy wheels" or chakras. They are responsible for keeping your mental, physical and spiritual health in balance. If you're experiencing health problems, it could be a sign that a specific chakra is blocked. [via]

What Your Palms Say About Your Health

Your hands may hold the key to your ailments. Learn how to decode the 5 health secrets hidden in the palm of your hand. Plus, learn the simple treatments you can do at home. [via]

Medium vs Medicine: Char Margolis Shares Afterlife Secrets

What happens when you die? Intuitive medium Char Margolis believes she has the answer. Watch as she discusses the afterlife and explains how she communicates with those that have past on. [via]

Ayurvedic Secrets for Weight Loss

Reset your digestive system using ayurvedic principles and unlock the secret to weight loss. Dr Oz walks you through the foods, treatments and herbs to take to help you slim down. [via]

Heal Yourself With a Medical Intuitive

Dr Oz talks to John Kortum, the medical intuitive who's challenging the entire medical community. He claims healing exists in the spiritual realm and that you have the power to treat your own health problems. Find out how! [via]

A Doctor Oz Investigation: What Happens When You Die?

Dr Oz and investigative journalist Judy Buchrach discuss death travellers — people who have died and come back to life. [via]

Ancient Secrets to Energy

These ancient secrets from Tibetan monks are said to link your mind, body and spirit for better health. Could this growing trend in alternative health be the answer to help slow ageing and restore your youth? [via]

Are You Normal or Nuts?

Do you have behaviours you're worried are too strange? Psychologist Jen Hartstein joins Dr Oz to tell three viewers if picking scabs, having repetitive thoughts like music stuck in your head and recurring dreams are normal or nuts! [via]

What Your Face Reveals About Your Health

Could your face reveal the secrets to what's going on inside your body? Dr Oz talks to Lillian Pearl Bridges, an expert in Chinese facial reading. Learn how you can use this ancient practice to uncover clues about your health. [via]

Genetically Modified Foods: Good or Bad?

A new report claims that genetically modified foods (or organisms) can damage your health and even cause cancer, but some experts say they're an inexpensive and healthy way to put dinner on your table. We're going to be discussing both sides of the issue on our show today. This GMO debate got so hot, our expert guests couldn't even be on our stage at the same time to discuss their points of view. [via]

Using Intuition to Find Love

Intuitive medium Char Margolis believes that we all have the gift of intuition and can manifest that power to get what we want. See her tips to bring love into your life. [via]

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