Why Did The Mayor Of Turkey's Capital Build This Massive Robot Statue?

If you're going to erect a statue in the middle of a major city, it'd better be for something worthwhile. A memorial say, or celebratory monument to a critic. What you probably shouldn't do, as mayor, is put one up for an amusement park featuring robots and dinosaurs, despite the initial awesomeness of the idea, lest your citizens think you donated your brain prematurely to science.

According to an AFP story (via the ABC), this is precisely what Melih Gokcek, the steward of Turkey's capital Ankara, has done. Revealed a few days ago, the "mass of metal and polyester" is positioned overlooking a "busy" intersection near Atatürk Forest Farm — some might say unfortunately so.

For those of you thinking it might be an April Fool's prank — it's not. The APF piece goes on to mention the statue is to "promote a new theme park" that will come complete with "giant replicas of dinosaurs and robots".

Yes, the six-year old in everyone is going nuts over the idea, but residents are reported not so happy. I'm honestly ambivalent about it. It's hard to argue it hasn't kicked goals on the publicity front, but you have to wonder what people will think 50 years from now. Surely there are far more fitting causes to pay reverence to in physical form?


Photo: BGN News

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