This Breathalyser Calls You An Uber If You're Drunk

If you're ever as think as you drunk you are, it's probably a great time to leave your keys with a mate and grab a cab home. Uber wants to seamlessly insert itself into that process, and came up with a breathalyser that automatically calls for a car when you're too sloshed to drive.

It's a fun little experiment in Canada, and had the added bonus of giving those who tried it out free Uber rides.

Basically, you blow into the breathalyser and when it detects you're above the legal limit, it finds an available car and automatically brings it around to drive you home.

Obviously Uber wants to get people pulling out their phones and ordering a car at the end of a long night, but that comes with the added risk of letting you drunk text all your exes. Text responsibly, kids.

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