These Frosted Neon Tables Will Bring Out Your 80’s Nostalgia

These Frosted Neon Tables Will Bring Out Your 80’s Nostalgia

Remember Spectre, that Macintosh computer game where you drove around in a tank shooting Euclidean shapes under a neon-coloured sky? Soon, you’ll be able to bring a little of that early 90’s nostalgia into your living room.

In collaboration with Italian furniture maker Glas Italia, the designers at Nendo have just unveiled this set of three low glass tables, simple rectangles whose soft neon glows will leave feeling like you just warped into a vector-drawn shooter of yesteryear. Each table is built of five frosted glass panels held together by colourful, neon gradient strips that fade from purple to red, orange to yellow, and blue to purple.

“We tried to create a natural and soft image, as if the colours on the edges were blurring,” Nendo explains. “By combining the extremely difficult technique of printing gradation colours on the diagonal edges with a technique that expresses a delicate “blurriness,” we achieved an appearance that contradicts the conventional image of glass, which is of a hard and sharp material.”

The “Soft” series will debut at Milan’s Museo della Permanente on April 14 through 19, along with over 100 pieces of work the design studio has created in collaboration with brands including Co.Design]

All images via Nendo