These Beautiful Electronic Bugs Are Made From Old Computer Parts

These Beautiful Electronic Bugs Are Made From Old Computer Parts

Electronics and nature don’t normally mix, but the fact the two aren’t the most natural of combinations shouldn’t stop one from trying. UK-based artist Julie Alice Chappell took it upon herself to have a crack — the result being these glorious cybernetic bugs made from discarded computer chips, circuit boards and other man-made, electron-powered debris.

Chappell explains her inspiration over at Permaculture. A combination of events served as the genesis of her “Computer Component Bugs” collection, including a box of old electronic junk she picked up a donated goods store and a documentary on bio-diversity.

Along with looking fantastic, the collection also has a message about recycling and protecting the environment, tempered by a fascination with the rapid pace of technology:

My collection highlights the dangers of planned obsolescence and the ever-increasing amounts of e-waste in the environment. This is perpetuated by advances in technologies and our ever growing dependence on modern gadgets.
…They are my personal tribute to the wonders of modern technologies, the decades of knowledge and passion passed down which led us to them, with all their elegance and ingenuity encompassing the incredible technological aptitude and the imagination, talent and beautiful creativity of the human race.

You can see the entire thing over at Chappell’s Facebook page. Alternatively, here’s a small selection of highlights you can peruse.


Photos: Julie Alice Chappell