The School Leavers’ Dilemma: Continue Study Or Just Get A Job?

The School Leavers’ Dilemma: Continue Study Or Just Get A Job?

If you can’t decide between going to uni or launching straight into your career, this might be the hardest choice you don’t have to make. Have both!

You might not have considered it, but life as a cadet at the Australian Defence Force Academy isn’t a whole lot different to going to university — plus you get military training at the same time.

There aren’t many universities that can guarantee you a job upon successful graduation, but here you can look forward to a career in the Navy, Army or Air Force while you study for an undergraduate degree through the University of New South Wales.

Plus you’ll receive a full time salary while you undertake military and leadership training. And your degree is paid for by the Australian Defence Force. So that’s a paid-for degree, a full time salary and a guaranteed exciting career with the ADF. Plus you’ll gain leadership skill and military skills and have a great time while doing it.

It’s not all work though — ADFA has plenty going on to keep you busy outside of training and hitting the books. Sporting and social events are constantly happening, and there are common areas, lounges and the Cadets Mess complex to hang out in. Or, if you just want to chill, your private room is a comfy retreat. Click here to find out more about life as a Cadet.

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