Tesla Motors Australia Is On Another Hiring Spree

Tesla Motors Australia Is On Another Hiring Spree

Feel like switching jobs? Like cars? Like electric cars? Well, you’re in luck. Tesla Motors in Australia is in need of quite a few more staff, as it quickly grows within Australia.

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25 jobs are currently going within Tesla’s Australian operations, pretty evenly split between Sydney and Melbourne. A lot of those are retail sales and technical expert positions — the people in charge of educating you, the customer, about how a Tesla works and why you should buy one. But there’s also a few behind-the-scenes roles for the hardcore tech geeks amongst us.

The reason for the spree is the fact that Tesla’s Victorian operation in the Chadstone shopping centre is proving to be incredibly popular, and the electric car company is also close to opening another Melbourne location — a showroom, gallery and service centre and Superchargers in the suburb of Richmond. And possible demand for a brand new base model all-wheel-drive Model S 70D can’t hurt, too.

With the massive Sydney store in Artarmon growing its staff too, one of those new employees will be a charging specialist who can chauffeur customers through the process of getting a Tesla charger installed at home, or using Australia’s quickly growing national Supercharger network.

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Goulburn is the first stop outside of Sydney to pick up a set of eight Superchargers — it’s that en-route location that’ll enable more long-distance trips; stopping to top up at Goulburn means a Model S driving out of Sydney could almost reach Shepparton in Victoria without recharging, where before you’d be lucky to reach Albury before needing to charge. Tesla has planned Supercharger coverage for the entire Australian east coast.

Tesla also needs a couple of technicians, experts who know a thing or two about taking cars apart and putting them back together — whether they’re electric or not. Two detailers are also on the books, one for Melbourne and one for Sydney — their job will be to keep your new Tesla looking slick and glossy whenever you pick it up from a service inspection or regular check-up.

If you’re a tech-minded girl or guy, take a look — you might score yourself a role at a company that looks like it’s going a lot of places fast. [Tesla Motors Australia — Jobs]