Sony’s Z4 Flagship Smartphone Will Give You A Serious Case Of Déjà Vu

Sony’s Z4 Flagship Smartphone Will Give You A Serious Case Of Déjà Vu

Well, look at this. Sony just revealed a new flagship smartphone. The new Xperia Z4 comes with spec bumps in both the processor and camera department, all wrapped in “haven’t I seen this before” design. It’s a modest flagship update at best, providing little improvement over last year’s Z3.

Sony’s press site (Google Translate) seems more focused on the Z4’s new imaging capabilities than anything else and packs in an improved front-facing sensor with image stabilisation, so that Sony can firmly join the ranks of the continuously growing selfie bandwagon. The Z4 also adds new camera software additions like “cooking mode” that makes taking shots of food more appetizing.

Other than an improved Snapdragon 810 processor, a few camera tricks, and Sony’s skin of Android Lollipop, nothing much has changed from last year. High resolution audio? Check. Waterproof and dustproof? Check. 5.2-inch full HD screen? check. Similar design? Definitely check. Just take a look at the Z4 (left) and the Z3 (right).

Am I drunk and seeing double, or are those the exact same phones?

The Z4 does have slightly thinner profile, shaving off about 0.4mm from its predecessor, but that could be at the expense of battery life since Sony also chopped off about 170mAh. Luckily, Xperia phones have always been minor miracles when it comes to battery life, so hopefully the decrease in capacity won’t hurt too much.

The Z4 is currently destined for Japan with no other availability being announced. The Z4 will be available in white, black, copper, and aqua green, and, as of right now, no compact version is in sight, which is a real shame. [Sony]