Sony's Touchless Shutter App Takes A Photo Without Touching The Camera

Sony's Touchless Shutter App Takes a Photo Without Touching the Camera

If you're the owner of a Sony camera with an electronic viewfinder, Sony just released a nifty little app that will let you take a photo without touching your camera — just wave your hand over the EVF instead.

The Touchless Shutter app (free download, still in beta) uses the viewfinder's eye sensor to detect the passing of your hand, and trigger the shutter. If you're the proud owner of a A7S or A7II, you can also control bulb shooting: one wave to open the shutter, and a second to close.

It's a neat and cheap alternative to a shutter release cable, and should help with capturing shake-free tripod exposures. Most of the compatible Sony cams already offer remote control from a smartphone over Wi-Fi, but that takes actual time and effort to set up.

The full list of compatible cameras is over on the Sony website, but it includes almost every camera with an in-built or optional EVF. (Sorry, NEX 5R owners, it doesn't just work by magic. I tried already.) [Sony via PetaPixel]

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