PornHub's New PSA Reminds You To Touch Your Balls

PornHub's New PSA Reminds You To Touch Your Balls

PornHub, one of the world's leading pornography destinations, is throwing in its support for testicular cancer awareness month with a new PSA video cleverly titled "Charlotte Stokely teaches you to last longer." (Obviously, obviously not safe for work.)

In the video, originally reported by Motherboard, Stokely uses a big rubber dildo to provide detailed instructions on how to inspect your testicles for cancer. Which is something you should do if you are a dude because cancer of the balls is a tragic way to go. According to the Testicular Cancer Society around 8500 men are diagnosed every year. Ouch!

The Save the Balls campaign is the latest publicity stunt by a media company that's proved itself to be quite the savvy operator in recent years. Sure, cancer of the balls is not the most common, but it's nice to see PornHub taking a broader interest in the longer term health of your dick.

[Motherboard via PornHub]

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