People Jump On Cars For Money All The Time

People Throw Themselves at Cars For Money More Often Than We Realised

Video: So, apparently people jumping in front of cars and feigning injuries for money is a thing. But now, tough times have befallen these con artists, thanks to the fact that video cameras are literally everywhere.

Auto insurance scams are a lot more common than you might think. According to one source, fraud factors into as many as one out of every three auto insurance claims in New York City. It's a disturbing pattern, but, given the ubiquity of cameras in modern cars and on our mobile phones, one that may soon become passé.

At least we'll have this six minute montage of auto insurance scammers looking completely ridiculous to remember this singular moment in human history. IMHO, the best part of the video starts at 3:50, when a tiny woman with a cane, thwarted once by a vigilant driver, literally dive bombs the front of his car. Now that's dedication to your craft.


    One lady laid there for almost an hour, wow that is dedication.

    Think I might install my dashcam again, wouldn't be surprised if some of the scum around my area start doing this crap

      i think it's a pretty american thing to do, they're far more likely to sue people and all that crap. don't think you should have to worry too much here lol

        I've used my dashcam to prove a pedestrian jumped on my bonnet. Not sure if it was for fraud or because of mental illness though.

          Yeah, my brother hit a homeless guy with his car, once. Apparently the cops told him not to worry about it, this guy was known for doing it all the fucking time.

            Always change lanes away from the pedestrian side of the road when going past govt housing flats. Never know when someone is going to dive at your car to avoid the dragons...

        Most of the footage looks like it's either China or South Korea (I'm only judging by the languages the street signs etc. are in) but it backs up some of the stuff I saw when I lived there. This was back in 2007, but it happened a fair bit. Sometimes with fatal consequences.

    This is mostly from China, where feigning injuries is really common, they even have fake cops that come and convince you to hand some money over to the person to get the traffic going again, but when you call police, everyone runs.

    not much to worry about here in Oz, my dashcam is mostly for shitty drivers and asshole talegaters

      For talegaters, I've always wanted to James Bond-ify my car, have a little button where it releases caltrops.

      I wonder if it's legal to have some kind of rear bullbar that would lance the driver in the face if I stop suddenly...

        I wonder if it would be illegal to add a button under the dash which activates the brake lights to make them think you're slamming on the brakes heh heh

          My first car, the brake pedal had a bit of play in it so brake testing tailgaters was pretty fun, causing them speeding fines is pretty good too,

          i remember i had some douche in a skyline sitting right up my arse, saw a speed camera and pulled in behind it, douche behind put his foot down and saw the flash of the camera go off, probably the highlight of my driving career.

          You already have a button, it's not illegal to put your parking lights on .... ☺

          My old Lexus had twin fog lights on the back, I'd just flick them on, looked like brake lights. Generally got people to back off. Most cars just have the single.

          These buttons actually exist and come standard on some cars. My old Sonata had this ability and I put it to exactly this use several times.

          I think the intended use is to make you more visible in heavy rain or fog.

          I remember my old 1988 Hyundai Excel had such a button... would make the brake lights "brighter" ... I always wondered why people backed off when I pushed it (at night)

        I always wanted a button to release oil slick

    They should make it legal to run these people down, do the world a favour, scum of the earth

      That's not very charitable. Most of them looked pretty desperate.

        so desperation is now an ok excuse for potentially ruining someone else's life?

          Nobody is asking you to excuse them for it, they're simply suggesting that people who do this probably aren't in the best place in life, and that instead of rallying to viciously attack them we just deal with them calmly and reasonably. Perhaps even feeling sorry for them if we're that way inclined. You can feel bad for a criminal without letting them off the hook after all.

            hell no, hang em all.
            The worlds going to shit because of all the prissy political correct crap, "lets be nice and friendly, lets try and reform criminals and lets pamper people who are going through a tough time...."
            piss that all off, bring back the death penalty for rapists/murderers, and instate moral laws, if you intentionally go out of your way to attempt to screw over someone else's life you forfeit your own.

            An eye for an eye.

            Last edited 06/04/15 4:02 pm

              Oh, I cannot wait for you to transgress my moral code.

              I get it. The justice system doesn't feel very satisfying. It's frustrating. These con men hit the jackpot for a few seconds work while we all struggle to make ends meet honestly. Their crime hurts innocent people. However what you're asking for isn't an eye for an eye it's a childish desire to fight crime with bazookas instead of actually solving the worlds problems. If it were just a case of killing all the criminals until only good people remained we would have achieved world peace before we invented fire.
              I'm not saying give these guys any breaks. Just charge them for the crime, keep a level head and punish them accordingly instead of running in all zero tolerance and corporal punishment in an effort to fix every problem in the world with a pathetic round of scared chest thumping.
              Frankly if you can't feel any sympathy for someone desperate enough to jump in front of a car to make money then your ideas for 'moral laws' are almost certainly just shoving your personal views down everyone else's throats. I guarantee that you'd instantly clash with these laws if they were set by literally anyone else. Everyone thinks they know the right speed limit yet somehow they never agree.
              Again, I'm not saying that these guys should be let go or put in some sort of special soft prison. Just that it's possible to feel sympathy for someone who committed a crime, then put that sympathy aside and calmly respond. I pity pretty much everyone who gets put in jail, while it may seem nice when you focus on the pay TV and pool tables it's not a place anyone enjoys being, but I'm a reasonable adult not some idiot being led by the politically correct boogey man. I may not be perfect at it but I try to separate my feelings, anger, frustration, sympathy, pity, etc from my reaction to crime. I'm only human so I'd probably enjoy the satisfaction that comes from putting some scapegoat's head on a pike, but I know that's not justice and it doesn't help anything.

              Also as a side note you can thank 'prissy politically correct people' for rape being treated as seriously as it is. In the good old days there was no death penalty for it. It was like breaking someone's mailbox. As long as you were likeable the girl was just a slut who changed her mind later. A vindictive bitch trying to hurt an innocent man. Boys will be boys and girls will say no when they mean yes. You picture this romanticised scenario where the guy who only got 30 days for rape was beaten out back, real justice was served and that those 30 days were hell, but typically the people in the position to do that are absolutely terrible judges and those prison sentences were a joke if you either kept your head down or were good with people.

              The world is going to shit and yet we literally live in the best time in history; never has it been safer, never has it been more just, never has there been less violence, war, hunger and so on.
              If people think the world is going to shit, perhaps they need to look at a history book and see that the past wasnt a rosy place to live.

                I'm pretty sure there is more war currently. Not very visible in the western world but there is a lot of bad shit happening in the middle east and Africa. Also the Russia/Ukraine thing.

                Population is exploding and it's only going to get worse as natural resources are fought over. Go back in time to much smaller populations and it wasn't so bad.

                  It doesn't take large populations to convince people to make war. The population of the world around the time of the Roman Empire was no more than a couple of hundred million. Nevertheless there was a lot of war happening.

                  The most populous area (eastern Asia) is currently quite peaceful, although China is being somewhat provocative.

                  Fundamentally, war is not a matter of scarcity. It is a matter of greed, or in some cases ideology. Scarcity is normally the result of war, not its cause.

    The scarey thing is the police and courts know this goes on and cant do much, sometimes in insurance or law suits, the criminal history of the person injured is "Not Relevant" and is inadmissible.

    My local council got sued for an injury someone got at local park... while they were running away from the police for an assault on an elderly lady. The judge said the police investigation and criminal court case hadnt been finalised so it was all inadmissible. They couldnt even ask him what he was doing at the time he was injured... cause "running from the cops" was not allowed to be mentioned. *facepalm* They got the judge to suspend the lawsuit, until the criminal case was done.

    So that kangaroo that stepped in front of my car yesterday morning was doing it for the money?

    What an arsehole!

    I wonder if some of these were suicide attempts.

    Head first under a bus seems like a likely way to get one thing.
    Death. It's a likely way to end up dead.

    Last edited 10/04/15 1:55 pm

    Some of these people almost seemed zombie-like in their desire to face lethal danger head on.

    I was instantly reminded of a minigame whicih crops up early in Saints Row IV, where your aim is to jump in front of a car then use the rag doll physics to be punted all over the road, accumulating dollars all the while. Done properly, you can find yourself knocked a hundred metres or so down the road, or even onto a nearby overpass.

    I noticed there was one case (in the video) where a guy apparently lay down in front of a bus then thought better of the idea.

      ahh yes the good ole insurance fraud mini-game

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