New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Clip Prompts Unsurprising Influx Of Memes

You've watched the latest trailer for the new Star Wars film, right? Better do that now if you haven't. Oh, and be sure to capture your reaction. The internet wants to see every raised eyebrow, unrestrained smile and joyful tear. If you're feeling shy and just want to see how everyone else responded, no problem.

Other than being excited by the simple fact we're getting a fresh Star Wars movie (and a good one at that, going by early vision), I think a great deal of online denizens are preparing for a torrent of new memes. Not since Admiral Ackbar's infamous trap scene have we had such a meaty opportunity to farm the franchise for GIFs, humorous stills and bizarre juxtapositions.

Heck, some have started already. Uproxx's Jason Tabrys picked up a few from around the web:

Some even have favourite new characters, based on their ability to fly through the air upside-down.

I can't imagine the goldmine of comedy we'll have on our hands once the film arrives. Can't wait for Christmas.


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