More Expensive Uber Trips Between Sydney Airport And The CBD

Starting from next week, Uber passengers travelling from/to the Sydney CBD and Kingsford Smith will find themselves a bit more out-of-pocket, with the private car service ditching its flat rate for the journey.

As David Flynn at Australian Business Traveller writes, the $65 and $75 prices for Sydney's domestic and international terminals respectively will be gone as of 13 April. The article goes on to mention that a price hike is in the works for Uber's more expensive offerings, including Luxe and Uber Black.

If you're wondering what the trip will cost you come Monday, Flynn has kindly done the numbers:

The Uber wesbite estimates that a ride from Bridge Street in the Sydney CBD to Sydney Airport's domestic Qantas or Virgin Australia terminals will now cost as much as $73 if you call an Uber Black town car, or up to $96 in an Uber Lux or Uber SUV vehicle. A trip to the T1 international terminal comes in only slightly higher, ranging from $75 to $97.

In response to the increases, Uber told AusBT they should promote "higher vehicle standards" and availability. That remains to be seen, of course.

[Australian Business Traveller]

Image: Amanda Slater / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0



    Given that it costs less than $20 to get the airport train, and 75 dollars is close to the price that authorised companies offer for CBD to the airport, how exactly are they going to remain competitive? Especially since you don't neccessarily know what sort of car you will be getting.

    So it'll be cheaper to go in your standard taxi now.

    City: Sydney
    From: Bridge Street, Sydney CBD, New South Wales
    To: Sydney Airport, NSW
    Time:12:41 Day: Saturday
    Estimated Fare
    $39.79 to $55.71
    Distance: 16.52 KM
    Travel Time: 17 mins

    Take the train!!! It's faster and cheaper!!!

      Its sad that the extortionate rate of that train could be considered cheap...

    Aww but I like going to the airport in a '83 camira

    or if you're in the EAstern Suburbs try Eastern Suburbs Airport shuttle bus service
    I use them alll the time!
    way way cheaper!

      It cost you around. $40 or less depending on traffic from city to airport in a cab wake up people

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