In Top Gear’s Absence, This Is The Best Car Show You Can Watch

In Top Gear’s Absence, This Is The Best Car Show You Can Watch

Missing Jeremy, Richard and James cocking about on the BBC every week? We kind of are too. Thankfully, there’s a replacement that has been under our noses the whole time, and it’s called /DRIVE.

/DRIVE is not so much a traditional motoring show, more like a series of niche shows packaged up under the one banner. Think the Nerdist Network but for cars (and not terrible), and you’re there.

The guys and girls at /DRIVE have been busy producing some amazing content in the last few years, and now that /DRIVE has a payment model that allows them to do cooler stuff, the videos are just getting better and better.

They’ve reviewed a BMW 135i with a new V8 engine (it’s bonkers)…

…they’ve looked at sliding Cobras around in the snow…

…and they’ve looked at racing over sand dunes in Dubai.

And that’s just in the last month!

At the time of Top Gear’s pseudo-cancellation former /DRIVE presenter and supercar fanatic, Chris Harris wrote that the BBC motoring show allowed the once-pokey YouTube channel to flourish:

“Top Gear has acted like some vast, entirely free marketing service for all of us. I have always viewed it as the primary sales funnel for my videos, and the analytics support the theory: 350 million people watch the three boys doing their thing on a Sunday night and a very small percentage think they might want to know a bit more about the car featured that week, and so they type the car’s name into YouTube and they might just happen across one of our low-budget productions. A very small percentage of 350 million is still a very large number,” he wrote.

And now that Top Gear is now off the air indefinitely, it’s a great time to sit down, throw a playlist of /DRIVE videos together and watch them on your TV or your tablet or even during your lunch break today.

It’s no Top Gear, but it’s the motoring methadone you need to keep you going.