I Want A Magical DIY Laziness Button For Everything In My Life

I Want A Magical DIY Laziness Button For Everything In My Life

Amazon’s experimental Dash Button makes buying stuff as easy as ringing a doorbell. Its convenience may or may not turn us all into mindless consumer drones, but i luv it i want eezee life. A programmable Dash Button for anything? Bring me my hover-recliner!

In the comments of our initial post about Amazon’s Dash Button experiment, many people expressed interest in the possibility of hacking the dashbutton to do, well, something other than buying stuff. It’s basically just a harware button and a Wi-Fi radio. Push a buton to do something — basically anything.

Some enterprising Kickstarterers are trying to raise money for a programmable, app-connected button called Droplet. The difference is that to make the button customisable it needs an app, so it uses Bluetooth connectivity instead of Wi-Fi. For early birds, $US50 will get you one Droplet button and the necessary hub. $US80 will get you three Droplets.

Yes, Droplet can be used to reorder consumer goods, just like the Dash Button, but the designers bill it mostly as a variation on a reminder app. You can use it to track when you take meds, feed the dog, or to get notifications that nag you to get off your arse and exercise. For the more ambitious, the Kickstarter suggests that with a little creativity it can be used for virtually anything.

Can it order me a pizza? I just want a magic button that orders me pizza.

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