How Much Do You Spend On Uber? 

How Much Do You Spend On Uber? 

I need to make a confession. Uber has terrible business practices, but makes up it by being almost disturbingly less expensive than cabs. And I keep getting “inexpensive” mixed up with “free”.

I spent the past year convincing myself that the only reason I use Uber is because it’s so cheap. When I actually sit down and look at it, though, my carefree car rides are adding up. I’m curious to see how my rideshare spending habits compare with you.

How much are you guys spending on Uber (or Lyft, or other rideshare services)? If you’re using Lyft or cabs, how much are you shelling out for that?

Last month I spent $US103 bucks on my so-called “cheap” habit. And yeah, that’s not a horrific sum of money, at least not in the grand scheme of Dumb Shit I Spend Money On. (Honestly I think I will drop dead of horror if I sit down and tally how much cash I’ve dropped in bars in my lifetime.)

Are any of you guys looking at this and scoffing because you spend a lot more than me a month? Like $US500? (Please tell me so I feel better about my life choices.)

I’ll probably spend over $US1000 on Uber rides in 2015, and that makes my stomach sink to the point where I kind of have preemptive buyer’s remorse but I also will probably still spend exactly that because honestly, if I split fare with my partner or friends the ride often comes to around the same price as a single ride on the bus, and who the hell wants to take the bus?

Maybe I should take the bus.

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