Here's Jeremy Clarkson Teasing Us About The Future Of Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson has a bit of time on his hands these days now that he's not on the telly, so he's helping out at his local community auction. But did Clarkson tease the future of Top Gear while selling off his lots?

Appearing at the event as a "Tame Auctioneer" (geddit?!), Clarkson sold off everything from a signed Top Gear shirt right through to a literal pile of manure.

"In the olden days when I used to work for the BBC you couldn't say 'shit'. But I don't anymore, so it's a load of shit! A tonne of it actually," Clarkson said of the stinky lot.

When it came time to auction off an official Top Gear shirt, Clarkson teased the audience about the future of the show:

"I remember in the olden days when there used to be a television program called Top Gear, which was on the BBC," he said to the groans of the crowd. "Oh it'll be back," Clarkson then comforted "Just somewhere else. Or maybe even not somewhere else, who knows?"

He then followed up by saying to an interviewer that he won't have a huge amount of time come the British Summer.

Is Clarkson as full of shit on the future of Top Gear as his auction was, or are we going to see the show resurrected soon?

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