Here’s How Australia Saw Last Night’s ‘Blood Moon’ Lunar Eclipse

Here’s How Australia Saw Last Night’s ‘Blood Moon’ Lunar Eclipse

If you missed Saturday’s lunar eclipse — the last one until 2018 — we’ve got you covered! Thanks to the wonders of technology, people from across Australia were able to capture the event in pixel form for our viewing pleasure. Here are some of the best from Flickr, Twitter and other repositories of the visually digital.

The marvellous image above was captured by Scott Cresswell in Melbourne and can be seen in full over on Flickr. It was taken using a 400mm lens and a Canon EOS 5D.

South Australians, here’s what you would have seen. You can thank Andrew Walters (via EarthSky’s Facebook page) for this one. If you want to see what the moon looked like from the rest of the world, EarthSky has a great collection.

Reddit user kurapika91 posted this “single lapse”, which shows the progression of the eclipse in the one image. As you can see, while the eclipse itself lasted a couple of hours, the red part was very brief.

If you’re into moving pictures, these clips will help, provided by Marc Lane (first, from Adelaide) and Family Travel Fun (second, from Melbourne). It’s harder obviously to capture the eclipse this way, so they’re not amazing viewing. Still, kudos to those who thought to have a go at recording it.

Twitter also had its fair share of budding celestial photographers. Here’s a selection from there:

I think Canberra had the worst view, personally. Delicious, though.

Did you take any photos of the eclipse? Be sure to share them in the comments!

Top photo: Scott Cresswell / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0