Here Are All Of 2015’s April Fools’ Day ‘Jokes’

Here Are All Of 2015’s April Fools’ Day ‘Jokes’

It’s April the First. April Fools’ Day. Every email, every tweet, every announcement and every conversation is viewed through the lens of suspicion today. Here’s every tech “joke” we’ve spotted so far.

John Oliver Explains Why April Fools’ Day Is Terrible

Google Maps Goes Pac Man

Every year Google actually does something kind of fun with Maps. This year there’s a Pac Man view that allows you to play the iconic arcade game on the street overlay.

Google Says Australia Is Moving

More nonsense from Google Australia. Our friends over at Lifehacker have a bunch more Google pranks.

Vodafone’s Emoji Keyboard

Introducing the all-new Emoji Phone! RRP $1,415, exclusive to Vodafone. Only available on Vodafone Red Plans. Register your interest

Posted by Vodafone Australia on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Vodafone has an emoji keyboard for its April Fools’ joke.

Virgin Australia’s Pet Lounge

Introducing our dedicated lounge for pets featuring a world-first Premium Paw Door Entry.The lounge will be available to four legged members of our Velocity Frequent Flyer program.

Posted by Virgin Australia on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It’s not especially techy, but goddamn I like it. Because puppies.

Ventra IP Has Pay-As-You-Go NBN

VentraIP announced its “plan” for an NBN access plan where the only fees are for what you use. Be careful what you wish for, VentraIP: that actually sounds like a pretty rad idea.

Microsoft Surface Watch

Look I’d probably buy this if I could.

Cat Squad

SAPOL’s Cat Operations Unit is ready to pounce!!The much awaited Police Cat Operations Unit start official duties…

Posted by SA Police News on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You’ve heard of sniffer dogs, now there are sniffer cats. Except not really.

Celebrities Buying Kogan Products


Kogan’s online store normally flashes up balloons when someone buys something so it can push more products to you, it’s subtle and smart. Today there are a bunch of celebrities “buying” products. George Brandis bought a spy pen, Malcolm Turnbull bought a 3G modem, Kanye bought a mirror and more! Lifehacker has a whole bunch.
We’ll update this post with more as we see them! Have you seen any? Tell us in the comments!

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