Google's Wireless Service Is Almost Definitely Not Coming To Australia

Google now has skin in the game when it comes to wireless service. The only problem is guessed it...Australia won't get it.

We suspected as much, but gave Google Australia a call to confirm and were told that it's definitely a US-only service.

Whether that changes in future remains to be seen: Google Australia wouldn't give anyone an inside-look at its negotiation process due to commercial sensitivities.

Google's Project Fi is a curious little service. Rather than Google build all of its own towers for the service, Fi sees it act as an MVNO (or mobile virtual network operator) for both Sprint and T-Mobile, while also piggy-backing on open Wi-Fi hotspots.

The “network of networks” has a lot of potential to be more reliable. If one network has an outage, the others can serve as support.

The new plans costs $US20 for starters, which gets you talk, text and wireless tethering. Then it costs $US10 per 1GB of data. So if like me, you’ve got 3GB per month, then you would pay $US50 per month. The kicker is that if you don’t use all the data you pay for you’ll get paid back for what you don’t use.

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