First-Ever Hologram Protest Takes To The Streets In Spain

First-Ever Hologram Protest Takes To The Streets In Spain

Following in the illuminated footsteps of noted iconoclast Tupac Shakur, a protest group in Spain took to the streets on Sunday — in hologram form. To the best of our knowledge it’s the first hologram political demonstration ever.

Screencap from RTVE

Fusion reports that a group called No Somos Delito (“We Are Not a Crime”) are demonstrating against a series series of new “gag laws” that put heavy restrictions of freedom of expression. Included in the the so-called “citizen security” bills are 45 provisions that would outlaw many forms of expression, including public protest. The laws would go into effect on July 1st, if they standup to legal scrutiny. They are rightly seen as an egregious affront to personal liberty.

From the website of the Holograms for Liberty project:

To respond to this injustice and to show the future will have to face if this bill continues its course, we saw the need to carry out a different kind of protest that would allow our demands to become unstoppable: the first hologram protest in history.

A massive protest, through which we will demonstrate, that despite the trammels imposed by the government, they will not silence our voices, and even if we have to turn ourselves into holograms, we will keep on protesting.

The stunt is clearly an effective one in that we’re writing about it half-a-world away, an for once, it’s nice to see a hologram used for something more important than selling tickets to a concert in the desert.

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