Avengers Age Of Ultron: Australian Spoiler-Free Review

Avengers Age Of Ultron: Australian Spoiler-Free Review

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of surprise and delight when you see something amazing in a movie. To keep that feeling alive for you, we’ve prepared a review of the new Avengers sequel that is deliciously spoiler-free.

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Editor’s Note: This is a spoiler-free review. The only thing you’ll get out of this review story-wise is what you’ve seen in the trailer. For a full review, click here.

The story of Age Of Ultron is nothing new.

Tony Stark posits the idea that The Avengers can’t be fighting every threat that comes to Earth looking for a fight, so he creates an artificial intelligence called The Ultron Program. As soon as Ultron achieves consciousness, things start to go wrong. Ultron fries JARVIS, uploads himself to the cloud and starts to replicate in metal bodies all over the world.

Ultron’s mission is peace, and his interpretation of peace is to destroy the warmongering Avengers, before then eradicating human life on the planet for their sins.

Humans have been creating movie robots that want to destroy humanity for decades. The coolest thing about the story this time around is how the concept is made fresh and fun by Ultron and his army of empty Iron Man drone suits.

Despite the fact that this is all pretty much Tony Stark’s fault, the film is revolves around the whole team, rather than just Iron Man as with the first Avengers film.

This movie is amazing, go and see it. If Marvel never made a movie again, this would be the perfect place to cap it off at.

Marvel will make more movies, but that doesn’t stop this one being any less incredible, especially if you’ve read the comics.

Seriously. Go.

The Avengers: Age Of Ultron is in cinemas tomorrow.

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