Apple's WWDC Will Kick Off June 8, Here's What To Expect

Apple's WWDC Will Kick Off June 8, Here's What to Expect

Apple's annual World Wide Developers Conference will run June 8-12 at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco. Apple is always vague about what it will cover at its largest developers conference, but this year it's teasing "the future of iOS and iOS 8".

We don't know much for sure about WWDC 2015, but here's one confirmed tidbit: Selfie sticks are banned at Moscone. Good luck with scoring a group picture with Jony Ive lurking in the background.

Here are the other rumoured announcements:

What else have you guys heard?



    I'd say the rumour about a new Apple TV is pretty spot on. Just look at the invite graphic, it's obviously a top down view of an Apple TV.

      i concur, looks exactly like an apple tv.

    It's also the shape of the iOS icons :)
    The circles though...
    A change in the appleTV shape? A change in the iOS icons shape? A reintroduction of the hockey-puck mouse (but wireless this time of course).

      Yeah, but the Apple TV also has an apple logo on it just as the graphic does (but a bit bigger). Would bet real money that there will be an Apple TV update at WWDC.

    Really? Isn't that also the shape of the Apple watch face?

    'Epicentre' referring to the new AppleTV's positioning as the hub of the home?

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