Apple Australia, Google Australia And Microsoft Australia Are All Being Investigated By The Australian Tax Office

Apple Australia, Google Australia and Microsoft Australia all have one thing in common: they're all being audited by the Australian Taxation Office.

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Speaking at the Corporate Tax Inquiry in Sydney today, Apple Australia's managing director Tony King revealed to the panel that the local arm is being audited by the tax office right now.

King also dropped his fellow panellists in it — Google Australia's managing director Maile Carnegie and Microsoft vice president of Taxation Bill Sample — also had to confirm that they were being investigated and audited by the tax office, along with nine other technology companies in Australia.

Here's his full quote:

"I believe that a dozen of the tech companies are being audited by the Australian Tax Office, of which we are one. We have been complying fully in their audit of Apple."

King added that the ATO has not given Apple Australia an "estimated end date" for the investigations.

Microsoft, Google and Apple all appeared before a panel of Senators in Sydney this afternoon to talk about their tax minimisation practices.

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