Amazon's New Dash Buttons: Just Push To Buy

Amazon's New Dash Buttons: Just Push to Buy

Just when you thought capitalism had reached its peak, Amazon is announcing the Dash Button. The idea is simple: You push a branded button, and Amazon ships that brand's products to your home.

While the Dash Button sounds like an April Fool's Joke, it's actually part of a long-standing Amazon initiative to make it stupid simple for you to spend money more seamlessly. Just shy of a year ago, Amazon announced Dash, a handheld Wi-Fi-enabled magic wand that helped your keep your pantry stocked. The new Dash Button is pretty much a simplified version of that, except you need a special button for each product, and you have to go with the brand that's on the button. So if you install the Amazon Dash Button for Tide, Tide is what you'll get.

Click here to sign up for your own brand-loving Dash Button. Once again, it's free with Prime. And here are the participating brands:

Amazon's New Dash Buttons: Just Push to Buy

This is just a new extreme for the world's largest store, a store that makes it impossibly easy to buy things without overthinking it, or thinking it at all. The Dash Button joins other popular Amazon offerings like subscriptions for goods you order regularly and the enterprise-focused Dash Replenishment Service -- although that's still in beta. One day we'll all be buying with buttons though. Because if there's one thing we like more than spending money, it's pushing buttons.


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    It'll be funny when the kids find the button and start pressing it 100 times, then a truck shows up with 100 boxes of laundry powder.

      It's set by default to only register the first press until the first order is completed. It also sends a notification to your phone, allowing you to cancel in the case of accidental presses.

    Coming to Australia when schoolkids are old and grey........the most backward, Westernised society on the planet. To be honest, how long have motor cars been on roads, and yet most people are unable to correctly control a vehiclefor the safety of other people, and themselves.
    The majority drive like lemmings heading over a cliff.

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