Amazon’s Kindle Voyage Is Out In Australia

Amazon’s Kindle Voyage Is Out In Australia

Amazon’s newest and thinnest and brightest and most exciting e-reader is the Kindle Voyage. The Voyage is definitely the Kindle to buy, but it was previously hard for Aussies to get; that has changed as of today.

The Kindle Voyage is Amazon’s newest and thinnest as well as its most improved e-reader since the original Kindle of 2007; its renovated Paperwhite display has a 300ppi pixel density across its 6-inch display, and has an automatically-adjusting front lighting system. The new display promises the highest contrast of any e-paper display, as well as the highest brightness.

The Voyage is only 180g and measures 162x115x7.6mm, so it’ll likely find a home in a lot of the handbags and backpacks of commuters. It looks like Australia is only getting the Wi-Fi version of the Kindle Voyage, which has 4GB of internal memory and doesn’t need to be plugged into a PC — it can access the Kindle Store through any ‘net-connected wireless.

Amazon rates the Kindle Voyage’s battery life for six weeks of use; that figure assumes the e-reader will be used for half an hour per day with Wi-Fi off and the screen brightness set to a moderate level. It’d be easy to drain the Voyage much faster if you’re an avid reader, to be fair, but it only takes three hours to charge completely from an empty battery.

At 7.6mm thick, it’s actually quite close in a lot of dimensions to Apple’s iPad mini — a much more powerful but also much more expensive tablet. Dick Smith will be selling the new Kindle Voyage for $299 online as of today, and will begin stocking the new e-reader in some stores across Sydney and Melbourne on May 1. [Dick Smith]