10 Unbelivable But Real Architecture Photos

10 Unbelivable But Real Architecture Photos

You may think you know what a city looks like, but you’ve never seen them like this. Serbian photographer Nikola Olic lives and works in Dallas, and turns the sprawling cities of the United States into gorgeous abstractions that will trick your eyes.

Olic has been recently “focusing on architectural photography and abstract structural quotes that reimagine their subjects in playful dimensionless and disorienting ways,” he told us. We chose 10 of his photographs so you can see our favourite ones below. You can find these subtle images on his site as well, however in a more playful context, as Olic explains:

Each photograph — a carefully orchestrated and patiently executed mission — is accompanied with a short story about the subject, its name and the nickname seen in it through the camera viewfinder. Around the story is a critical part of this short visual journey: a minimalist map showing the city, the street intersection, the orientation, and the placement and direction of the camera.

These spatial references offer a quick return to the real world, of cars, buildings, people and interim visual possibilities. They are intended as demystifying tools essential to abstract photography, reminding that these structures — beautiful or otherwise — are on every corner, in places we visit and places we live in.

Broken building. Dallas, Texas.

Building slices. New York City, New York.

Golden building. Dallas, Texas.

Grass lawn. Dallas, Texas.

Hypnotic building. Houston, Texas.

Ice cream building. Dallas, Texas.

Lasagna building. San Antonio, Texas.

Matrix building. Chicago, Illinois.

Rectangle triangle. Dallas, Texas.

Windy city. Chicago, Illionis.

Pictures: Nikola Olic