Watch As Photoshop Experts Try (And Fail) To Use Photoshop 1.0

Photoshop recently celebrated a pretty big birthday — a whole quarter century of cropping, manipulating, and perfecting pictures from crappy creations to creative masterpieces. But take a collection of current Creative Cloud experts and inflict Photoshop 1.0 on them, and the results are disastrously entertaining.

That’s exactly what CreativeLive did, asking modern-day designers to take a quick jaunt through software history. Photoshop 1.0, at first, doesn’t look radically different from today’s Photoshop (minus the obvious old OS style). The tool bar is still there, right to the left, and your canvas is front and centre. But after a few minutes of tinkering, it’s clear that you’re working with some severe shortcomings. There is no “auto preview” for example, you actually have to press a preview button to see your changes. Also, layers — you know, pretty much the foundation of current Photoshop — are also MIA.

After a couple dozen minutes, all the designers laugh off the experience — but are clearly relieved they don’t live in 1990. [ PetaPixel]