Uber Sydney Blasts Registered Users, Asks Them To Complain To NSW Politicians

It's no secret that Uber Sydney and the NSW Government don't see eye-to-eye. Now Uber is trying to get its users to fight the battle for it by contacting candidates ahead of the upcoming State Election.

Uber Sydney blasted an email out to its subscribers yesterday, calling for them to tell their local candidates and MPs what they thought of Uber.

Ever since Uber launched it has annoyed the local cab industry, and in light of the launch of the ride-sharing service UberX, the Government has been looking to shut the service down.

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Here's what the email says:

The NSW Election is on Saturday 28th March and politicians are asking for your vote.
It's time to tell them why you choose to ride with Uber. The taxi industry has been pressuring politicians and candidates to shut down Uber. They want to stop you from having a choice about how you get around your city.
Let your local candidates know what you love about Uber, and tell them that it's time to introduce sensible ridesharing regulations.
Click 'Contact Now' to let your candidates know why you want them to support Uber.

Although, it may not be going quite to plan according to this tweet:

Be careful what you wish for, Uber Sydney.

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