Trim Your Videos Before You Upload With The New YouTube Android App

Trim Your Videos Before You Upload With the New YouTube Android App

If your latest video masterpiece has some extraneous fluff at either end of the clip, the new YouTube app for Android lets you chop it off in seconds, no questions asked. Make sure you're running the latest version from the Google Play Store and the option shows up as soon as you import or record a video on your mobile device.

There are plenty of clips on YouTube that could use a discreet edit or seven, and the more easy-to-use tools in the app the better. To find the feature you can either tap the Menu button from anywhere in the YouTube app and choose Upload, or tap the Share button when viewing a clip on your device and then pick YouTube from the list of options.

Trim Your Videos Before You Upload With the New YouTube Android App

Blue handles appear at either end of the timeline: Tap and drag to change the start and end points of your home movie (keep your eye on the window above for a thumbnail preview). A timestamp appears as you move and after every change the clip runs through from start to finish.

All that's left is to set the title, description, tags and privacy settings as normal and then upload the clip for the world (or your mum and dad) to check out. It's not a huge change in the grand scheme of things but it's a handy option to have if you can't wait until you get home to upload a clip — don't forget the YouTube website has some editing tools of its own.

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