TPG Is Buying iiNet For $1.4 Billion

Massive news this morning: TPG Telecom is buying iiNet for a whopping $1.4 billion.

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TPG Is Buying iiNet: The Questions That Need Answering

TPG Telecom will acquire 100 per cent of iiNet, the pair advised the ASX today.

The $1.4 billion amount would see iiNet's shares purchased by TPG for $8.60 each, which is currently $1.80 more per share than their price at the time of writing ($6.80). $8.60 is also a higher price than iiNet shares have ever achieved on the ASX. The most iiNet has ever traded at is $8.36 last December.

TPG and iiNet are pitching the deal to shareholders by describing the deal as strategic. The pair would see combined revenues of $2.3 billion and it would see a "value-based" ISP merge with a "premium, high-quality" ISP merge. The deal would also see the pair's broadband footprints complement each other in different regions.

iiNet shareholders will vote on the deal at their annual general meeting in June.

The move is being highly recommended by the iiNet Board. iiNet Chairman Michael Smith described the price TPG would pay for the service as "significant".

"The board views this as a significant reward for shareholders who have shown their faith in iiNet," he said. "The price of $1.4 billion is a very tangible measure of the value that the extraordinary people of iiNet have created through their innovation, brilliant service and capacity to add value.

The deal would make the pair one of the largest combined ISPs in the country, with TPG CEO David Teoh saying this morning that the total customer base would be around 1.7 million subscribers.

"The combined businesses will provide broadband services to over 1.7 million subscribers and will be well positioned to deliver scale benefits in an NBN environment," he added in a statement to the ASX.




      First thing that came to my head too :(


        As an Internode customer, I don't like this one bit. I hear nothing but bad things about TPG.

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        EDIT: Why are my posts suddenly requiring moderation?

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          Mandatory filter

          I hope they don't touch Internode... leave them as they are...

            This still needs to go through the ACCC, hopefully they block it on the basis on reducing competition.

              No it doesn't. There is no mandatory authorisation of mergers in Australia.

                This isn't a merger. This is a 100% buyout.


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                  And they are synonymous because the law talks about acquisition of shares or assets.

                You're right, however according to the ACCC "the Competition and Consumer Act prohibits mergers that would have the effect, or be likely to have the effect, of substantially lessening competition in a market."

                "TPG Telecom Limited proposes to acquire iiNet Limited. The ACCC will commence a public review once a submission is received from the merger parties.

                The ACCC will call for comment when the public review commences. Market participants wishing to comment on the matter ahead of this time should send correspondence to [email protected] with the title "TPG-iiNet"."


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                  'public review' != authorisation or notification. It's just the ACCC inviting public comment.

                  Yup, which means they will invite comment and then if they think there is concern they might investigate, and then if they determine it's actually going to/is resulting in a SLC they will proceed to Federal Court.

                  Which is very different from mergers having to 'go through' them. It's like claiming that you have to 'go through' the cops every time you drive home from the pub.

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                yes there is, the ACCC can block a merger like they did AMP / NAB. There's also the takeovers panel which monitor mergers.

                  No, they can't block it.

                  They can take a company to Federal Court, if they choose.

              They let Vodafone buy 3

                Vodafone merged with 3. They didn't 100% buy them out.

                Vodafone are actually trading under the name Vodafone Hutchinson (The Hutchinson group owned 3 at the time).

          I had no issue at all when I was a TPG customer. Was actually some of the best broadband I've had. The product they supplied was great, but their service, billing and most other things leave a lot to be desired.

            Thats my concern. Literally the only differentiating factor of internode/iinet is the excellent customer service. Without that, theyre just an expensive version of dodo.

          I left TPG a couple of years ago. They consider themselves to be a major telcom player, but insisted that the only way to close my contract was to fill-out a paper form. Yep, paper!

            What is this 'paper' you speak of?

            No they dont. Ive been with TPG for last three years and never filled out any paperwork. I have broadband, home phone and mobile service with them.

              AS I said, the paperwork was for when I terminated my contract with them. And by paperwork, I mean paperwork. They insisted that there was no other way to end the contract other than to complete a paper form. I do know what I am talking about so please have the courtesy of not telling me that I am wrong!

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              Try leaving. A workmate was filling out a paper form to change the ownership of the account from his ex to himself the other day.

            THIS! When i was first looking around for an ISP in 2011, I chose TPG, and when i was on the phone to them to sign up they said i must fill out a form and post it to them. I put down the phone and called iiNet. "Oh what's that? I can do this all on the phone? You'll never guess what TPG wanted me to do"

              I've been with TPG on and off since 1999 and i don't remember ever filling out any paper form with them. Terminating was via email. Maybe having the history removed the need to do anything other than online/phone when I finally got ADSL 2+ in 2008 - even though I hadn't had a TPG account since dialup c.2002.

            we just started our new contract, and the new ISP did everything. The best and most efficient part of TPG's service was when we left.

          TPG own AAPT and you'd be happy to know that AAPT maintain their independence and are able to continue being the "service provider" they were prior to the buy out.

          I hope to go TPG have the brains to let iiNet continue doing what they're doing.

          You've been talking to the wrong people.

          I'm a TPG customer who moved from internode shortly after Simon Hackett left.

          My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. TPG are great, unlimited really does mean unlimited (i've done over 900gb before, no problem) and the customer service is great (i've only had to call them when there is an outage at my exchange)

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        I do not have an issue with this. Have been a TPG customer for about 3 years now. Was so happy with their broadband service that switched over to their mobile service also. Best customer service Ive ever had when dealing with them (previously used Virgin, Optus and Telstra), product is great and never had any issues with it and the price is fantastic.

        I dont understand the hate. I have got nothing but a great experience so far.

          I always wonder what really goes through peoples heads when they think "oh, my internet service provider is good on their own network, why not pay them to use someone elses mobile network?" Especially Optus, a fkn terrible network.

          Ive been with TPG multiple houses, Multiple accounts, Multiple locations..

          Generally speaking once you get great and fast service. the issue is when your service breaks.
          I once had speed issues but had used my daytime limit. I called them and told them my after hours was also slow. After 30 minutes trying to tell them the difference between on peak and off peak i litrerally had to do a 4 page document with pictures of the sun and moon, times for after hours with speed test results. current download limits reached so that they could solve it.

          Same issue occured with a tech at my work. TPG could find nothing wrong with the line but based on his sync speeds and line noise it was obvious there was an issue. Finally i jumped on the phone after again typing out a document and told them to not test to the exchange because they were correct and that was fine but to go to the house. 10 seconds later "oh yes it seems we have detected the issue"

          it took that poor guy 1.5 months to get that solved. And 2 test models and replacing all cabling in his house.. poor guy

          But yes.. When it works they are fantastic!

            Customer service is defined by how the ISP reacts when things break, not when they keep working properly.

            The irony in this is that an ISP with really great uptime may have worse customer service than one with terrible uptime.

              I was trying to clarify why some people have said "oh ive had it and its great.. never a problem.. why do people hate them"

              Its exactly the ones who have had a problem that tend to hate them lol.. when its up and running its really a great service.

      i second, third, fourth and fifth that.

      I absolutely agree - and I am coming from the early days of dial-up where TPG was rubbish then. How they stayed in business is amazing.

        Should try them again. Been with them for multiple services for last three years and only had good experiences.

          +1 TPG are awesome - I recommend them to anyone.

      Totally nooooo..
      So iinet will now have overseas call centres and open privacy standards by passing on customer details to movie/copyright infringement lawyers?
      I don't care if it's strategic (to eliminate the competition), it's not in the customers or sareholders best interest.

        iiNet already have call centres in New Zealand and South Africa, they have had them for quite a while now.

        I am not happy about this takeover though, TPG suck.

    What does this mean for the consumer in terms of customer protector against ye olde Hollywood? iiNet was good for that, TPG, not so much.

      iiNet is a great ISP, the only one that actually seems to care about their customers. I'm really worried about this.

        They care heaps about there customers, but unfortunately they care more about $1.4 billion dollars which leaves you with TPG which is the equivelant of taking you from your hollywood hills mansion and dropping out of a plane into the iraqi desert with a donkey and saying 'go home!'

      Telstra funnily enough might be your last bastion. Although they're just fighting it to save money and maintain efficiency, they don't actually care about their customers.

      Get a VPN - which you should have anyway to protect yourself from Brandis.

      Get a VPN and all will be right with the world again.

      Oh and setup a firewall rule (windows includes a firewall now) so that certain programs (like utorrent) stop working if the VPN gets disconnected for any reason.

    I'm skeptical about this; iiNet and Internode were a good fit together, they both run by intelligent, thoughtful individuals who had the best interests of their customer at heart.

    I haven't heard too many similar things about TPG, they are considered a "value" ISP, and I don't want a "value" service. I pay a good chunk of dosh because Internode have generally supported awesome things and pushed against rubbish like the TPP and irresponsible copyright changes. TPG need to prove that they are willing to do the same if they want to keep me as a customer.

      I'm more than sceptical, this is going to f up the fantastic options with get from the iiNet group.

      Well, there wouldn't be many other options among the big players.. Telstra, Optus, TPG (iiNet/Internode/Adam).. who else?

        Dodo... But I wouldn't even consider that an ISP.
        R.I.P. Australian internet.

          i was with Dodo for 2 years when living in Bendigo never had a problem from the first day was on unlimited downloaded heaps never once ever throttled and no problems when i had to leave i would certainly use them again but as i am in a small town now i use Telstra mobile 4g and it works ok just have to watch my usage.

      Same boat for me. Things like paying a $10 premium for unlimited uploads is something no-one else offers. TPG has always offered the "unlimited" plans, that slapped you down if you used too much data. I know how much I use, and I am willing to pay for that, but if they don't offer it, I can't.

        What? TPG has free uploads on all on-net plans, included in the standard plans.

      I'm kind of hoping they'll maintain the corporate culture that already exists and consider iinet the 'premium' service to TPG's 'budget'. Similar to Qantas running JetStar in their 'two market' strategy.

      After all, iiNet was doing pretty well and what kind of idiot buys the golden goose then decides to change its diet?


        I'm a very happy TPG customer. That said, I'm also a SysAdmin so in the rare occurrence I have any issues (I think twice in the last 3 years) I do the leg work and ask for level 3 support straight away. If you get on one of their DSLAMS the service is amazing (I sync at about 21mbit at 800m from the exchange cable length).

          I really do think this is like... 80% of the problem with any wholesale service. The moment your ISP has to start contacting someone external, the chances of everything turning to shit increase tenfold.

          Im in the same boat, been with TPG for 3 years now, i always skip there first levels of support, and get any issues sorted quickly and by someone thats competent.

          To be clear however, the 3rd party contracting to get the initial connection setup is a joke, it took 3 weeks (after they started charging me) and 6 site visits from multiple contractors, but once i complained they got it sorted, gave me a credit of that time and ive had no issues since.

        I am hoping this is the case, but I will believe it when I see it! That being said, I will have to be careful about jumping to conclusions now.

    Is this going to mean better plans?

      Or a culture of cutting corners on support and overseas routing.

        I've never had an issue with TPG's routing. Are there any recent stories on that?

          I don't know about news stories, just from what I saw in the industry a few years back. When we did support in wholesale, a very frequent fault logged was about speeds for TPG. Though it wasn't just 'speed' as such, more latency. We determined it was down to the overseas routing TPG was buying and how they switched it to cheaper (and slower, more hops) in the evenings for peak hour. It was fucking over gamers and there wasn't really anything we could do to help them except advise it was a business decision on TPG's part.

          I remember in 2010 (iirc) we had TPG ADSL in a small office which got a 14.x.x.x IP address, which was only allocated by apnic a few months prior. This caused all sorts of issues because of bogon filters. TPG did some special routing to bypass these external networks, though I'm not sure how that would work long term.


    please set Internode free, not that it will happen.

    Worst ISP buys best ISP? Ugh.

      I don't really understand? I had a line fault on Friday with TPG, they came around on Monday (vic public holiday) and it was fixed within two hours!

      When we had iiNet our internet kept getting worse and worse and it turned out to be their shitty BoB, part of the reason I changed away!

        That's because your experience, while 100% of YOUR experience, was a statistical anomaly. Take it from someone who used to handle the wholesaler faults coming in to Telstra's Service Assurance.

          Fair enough, my friends must be anomalies also.

          But otherwise I am concerned that without iiNet who will be the white knight of internet freedom in Australia? Will this kill the government's "iiNet problem". Its one thing I always respected about the company.

          I've been with TPG for years. Never any dramas that were not fixed quickly. I don't understand why people pay so much money for internet. For piece of mind on tech support? I would think if you are having to contact tech support and are able to tell me how helpful they are/were then you don't really have a good internet connection.

            Plus their routing and freezone options, as well.

            I understand that you think your experience is a great indicator, because it's all that you know... but I'm telling you it's really not. So you and ten mates have had a great experience? Fantastic. I worked in wholesale dealing with service provider faults and the TPG ones were ridiculous, regularly handled by operators who didn't know what they were doing, who didn't NEED to be logging faults, and for every happy one or ten of you and your mates over a period of years, I had my eye over dozens handled poorly, every week, over several years, and often 'faults' that were down to business decisions, such as international routing.

            I'm telling you that the greater experience of more customers is a worse one than yours, and that while TPG is great if nothing goes wrong, it's when things go wrong that service really matters.
            Kind of like how not paying for insurance is great until something goes wrong.

            (Also, the iinet prices aren't really that much higher for what you get, in most cases, so it's not like people are paying a ridiculous premium to be with a more competent provider.)

              Just thought you might like to know, with these two comments you are coming across as a huge jerk

              if someone has had a great experience, what does it matter to you? Everything is anecdotal until there is hard reported evidence - everything else is he said she said.

              You cant tell someone that their experience wasnt great. if they believe it was great, then it was. Who are you to judge on someone else's behalf?

                Emotionally, I'd say 'right backatcha', because you've completely failed to get the gist of what I was trying to say and taken it emotionally, conflating denial of someone's experience with dismissal of its relevance in the broader context. I did the latter, not the former.
                Neither is necessarily polite, but sometimes I find it very difficult to tactfully explain how someone is wrong or how their experience doesn't give a good indicator of what the rest of Australia experiences. His experience, relevant to the experiences of most customers? Irrelevant. There's not a 'nice' way to say that that I know of. I'd be willing to take your advice on how to get that point across.

                Everything is anecdotal except the hard numbers I saw sliding across my desk every day for years. As far as you can judge anecdotes against each other, professional industry experience trumps an isolated customer experience. Now, I can't go and quote those figures at you because even on my most delirious days I didn't care to record them in my diary for private use in an internet forum years after I quit, and even if I had, they weren't public information that you could go fact-check against. But if you can find anyone in the same profession to go on record, they'll confirm it.

                Here's another possibly jerk thing I'm going to say: Anyone who actually, genuinely believes that anecdotal evidence of some guy and a couple mates somehow overrides or outweighs what I had to see for a living, then they are not only a moron, but they are being incredibly rude and a jerk for claiming that the years of professional experience aren't worth the good vibes of a handful of happy customers.

                I'm not telling someone their experience wasn't great.

                I'm telling them that it was isn't indicative of the broader experience of the greater number of people. And they might THINK it is because we are the sum of our experiences, but that's the kind of flawed thinking that makes people into racists because the only experiences they have with a certain race are of being assaulted by homeless drunks in the park. It's not good data to extrapolate with. Sample sizes matter.



                I did this for a living for years. But someone's mate Johnno was one of the exceptions, so obviously what I spent years of my life doing doesn't count for dick.

                Do you get how anyone holding that opinion is a moron and a jerk?

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                  So back at you with this

                  I was a technical expert for Foxtel technical support. Some days we were FLOODED with calls because of a particular satellite set top unit

                  If I was to make a conclusion from your explanation above it would be that the Foxtel Satellite service was terrible, a piece of shit and not to be trusted. it would be slow and laggy, fully of buggy and incompetent boxes.

                  The truth was that only a small fraction of Foxtel subscribers were given this particular set top unit and it was usually only when the technicians ran out of the 'good' boxes. And out of that small fraction, only a small fraction called to complain/report an issue and request a replacement.

                  The second part of this was that at that stage Foxtel couldnt keep up the demand for satellite set top units so they needed to re-birth 'analogue' satellite boxes (yes, I know there is no such thing as an analogue satellite service, but for the sake of branding lets pretend there is) until they could meet demand. These boxes were originally designed for hotels where one box would be on one channel all the time, so they were never intended for public use. Business requirements changed that. (Just like some of the silly TPG choices, right?)

                  Sample sizes matter indeed.

                  The fact is you didn't understand what I wrote. If someone believes they have received good service, its their belief to keep and cherish. Just because you've had, or heard of, or witnessed, or experienced the OPPOSITE of what he experienced, doesn't make his belief in his experience less valid. If everyone told you a restaurant served shit food and they hated it, but you tried the food and you loved it - does that mean you are wrong, or they are wrong?

                  You're still coming across as a jerk trying to force your knowledge on me. I don't dispute the idea that you think you know what you're talking about. Read my story above - I think I know what I am talking about too, right? Our stories don't mean shit to anyone else - and its not our place to tell someone that their experience was wrong or wasn't as good as they thought it was.

                  I'm not going to give you a TL;DR read version. I'm not going to insult your intelligence by thinking you don't want to/didn't read my reply.

                Oh wow, taking a tl;dr (on a public forum where we are more than just the participants) as an insult?
                DEFINITELY a jerk move. You're just reaching to be offended, or unaware of the various usages of 'tl;dr' as internet slang for 'in summary'. Context counts, too.

                Also: Re: Sample sizes. You couldn't be more wrong. There is a HUGE logic failure in only experiencing faults, in a fault centre, and assuming that it means that most things are faulty. You need to look at the context. It's a WORLD of difference between measuring up a percentage of faults vs total customers from two providers and realizing that one of them has a higher percentage of faults than the other, and that the faults being submitted are - in general - for things that were solvable by the provider themselves and logged for the sake of busywork or not having to work or not understanding their own systems. The difference is night and day.

        TPG have oversold, congested, slowass internet and rubbish customer service. Which is what you expect from a 'value' ISP who chase the 'price conscious' *cough* consumer.

        iiNet is the exact opposite of all those things.

        I mean, I guess it could be worse. It could be Dodo. Are they even a thing anymore?

        On a public holiday? So the technician can charge more for it? I have no idea how that would happen... *sarcasm*

      Surely Dodo is worse?

        From what I gather, their service has improved significantly since being bought by M2 group... I don't have any first hand experience of that though.

        I've been with Dodo for over a decade - their lack of pro-active communication with customers can be frustrating at times - but frankly, I've had almost no problems whatsoever, the entire time I've been with them.

      I have been a longtime TPG customer, and I actually had not much cause to complain about their service recently. Sure, when I started few years back, their service wasn't their strong point.

      Recently ? not so much, I had sub 150ms when playing FFXIV, hardly any disconnect or noticeable lag to PSO2 when it was still playable in AU. Streams generally dont need to buffer, except maybe on friday or saturday night.
      Nothing to complain really.

        That's reassuring. Back a few years ago when I was in the guts of it, a huge chunk of complaints were about the results of their shoddy routing at peak hour. But that's been a few years now, so maybe they've lifted their game.

        Wait What?? Buffering on a friday or saturday night? I dont have that ever.
        (internode customer)

    First thoughts are that this can only be bad for iiNet/Internode customers. I'm in a regional area, but enjoying quite nice ADSL 2 service from iiNet currently. It's reasonably fast (16 - 18 mbps), the connection is generally stable and pings to overseas servers are quite acceptable. There's the freezone to consider, which includes Steam content servers etc.

    I can only hope that I don't lose any of this in the switchover, but I have the feeling there'll be a lot of behind the scenes consolidation on the hardware side of things and I'll be losing my "ok" net until NBN rolls out here.

      Trust me when you switch to NBN TPG its going to be..... bad. TPG dont have as many endpoints (backhaul lines) that iinet/internode have.

    If TPG don't run iiNet as a separate division/entity, but try and absorb customers & alter current contracts - I'll be using that as a serious change to service & break contract. Simple as that.

    Did not see that coming. Like @jonno said, I consciously pay more for a premium service. I hope this will be a change more on a corporate level, with no detrimental effect to the customer...yes 'HOPE'!

    I hope not

    Remember this day people. The day the internet died...

    I've been through a lot of ISPs over the years (Telstra, Netspace, Exetel, Internode, TPG, Dodo). Internode has been by far the best in terms of service. Local Aussie support personnel who you can relate to. TPG and Dodo have the worst I've come across.

    if they ship their adelaide call center for internode off shore, im gonna go postal.

    Please be an early April Fool's prank...

    Well there goes my Friday! :-(

    Why are my comments being moderated?

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    Personal experience:
    - $79.99 per month for 200 GB
    - took awhile to activate
    - got 2 notices of copyright infringements
    - 10-12 Mbps down / 0.6 Mbps up, 80-100 ms ping, bad latency
    - poor customer service
    - $69 per month unlimited
    - activated a day before requested
    - not giving a shit for (c)
    - 18-19 Mbps down / 0.8 Mbps Up, 20-30 ms ping, average latency
    - exceptional customer service
    - transferred to new address for free

    IMHO, rip iinet.

    edited: fixed up speeds

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      What were the copyright infringements for? Don't you hate when you get caught doing something illegal?

      Personal Experience:
      $69 unlimited
      slow, especially during peak hours - in a low density, suburban area
      frequent dropouts
      awful offshore customer service
      double billing

      Full speed always - even though I'm in a high density, CBD area now
      practically zero downtime
      Perfect customer service

      Never got an infringement notice from either, even when I was a public tracker scrub.
      Different lines, so no point comparing link speed, but FWIW w/ iinet I am always 20+ and TPG hovered around 16.

      TLDR: anecdotal evidence isn't statistically significant.

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        when i was with Dodo i had unlimited $69 dollars a month and unlimited was unlimited downloaded 600 gig never slowed down once and never had any dramas with them i do miss them where i am now small country town using telstra 4g but it works ok.

      The only thing that doesn't add up here is your up speed, I haven't seen more than 1.5Mbps up on ADSL, my Cable only does 2Mbps up.

      I am about to go back with TPG next week, I had them a few years ago and they were fine, not sure what all the bs people though around is all about.

        U right it should be 0.6 Mbps and 0.8 Mbps
        wishful thinking ))

        Google "Annex M" which allows uplink speeds up to around 2.2Mbps at a slight cost in download speed.

        Not universally available, unfortunately. iiNet support it, most other Australian ISPs do not.

      I've gotten heaps of copyright notices from TPG - Sometimes 10-12 in a week.

        Had my first one ever, now that I've just joined TPG.
        It was initiated from a copyright holder in the USA, who claimed that I was d-l some sob-sob-woman's soapie, with dates, times, IP, file details, etc. So I tightened my wifi, & will not relax it now.

        In unit complexes, where I live, everyone seems to have WPA security, it seems. "copyright notices from TPG - Sometimes 10-12 in a week."
        What do you do? TPG email says that I should contact the USA, have my details that they have their details, etc all very correct - "guilty"?? Is this the correct procedure. I'm more inclined to ignore it, & have them prove I'm a house-wife type.

      10 years with TPG. No idea, what people are talking about. Excellent service, unlimited downloads.

      Interestingly, TPG is the only provider who has ever sent me a copyright infringement notice (but then I only have Telstra to compare them to, and it was a Torrent off The Pirate Bay and not a private tracker)

    OMG NOOOOOoooo NOOOOOOOO nooooo... this is terrible.

    I was with TPG FOR 2 years the worst ever ISP I have ever dealt with, no customer focus, slow terrible speeds, no free data, just terrible, and their call centres are based in countries where you can't understand any english they are trying to speak. JUST TERRIBLE !!!!

    When I read the headline I had to check the date again to make sure this wasnt an April Fools joke that Giz was playing on its visitors. As a TPG customer I dont really care, but I do feel for those with iiNet who probably had a much better (albeit expensive) experience with them.

    Wow, did not see that coming at all.

    Been with iiNet for years, and just signed up again after moving into my new house.

    Not sure how to feel about this.

    It truly is Friday the 13th to get this news today :-(

    Well I guess there will be alot of regional users switching to Telstra.

    First I would wan't is the CEO of TPG to be replaced permanently with the iinet board to run the company not tpg.

    hopefully the ACCC looks at this and goes well this is not actually good for the consumer or the country not unless they will be run fully as independent structurally separated companies (unlikely).

    Surely all of these ISP acquisitions are going to get called out for anti competitional behaviour. This is getting ridiculous.

      That won't happen until Telstra or Optus try to take over TPG.
      TPG is 6b, iiNet is 1b so takeover wise this was always going to happen at some point.

      Just means we are left with three choices for access... Telstra, Optus or TPG.... until Google or Facebook cover the earth in WIFI from drones/balloons

        You're probably right.

        Well I know for sure I'll be leaving internode the minute the service quality or customer service falters even once. I'm paying for a premium service and I want it for the money I'm paying.

    This. This is why we can't have nice things.

    During the 2 and a half months I've being with iiNet I've had no complaints, they have excellent customer service, consistent speeds and low latency.

    My past experience with TPG has been the complete opposite of that, please don't take Bob away.

    Telstra: $76.8B
    TPG: $6.1B
    M2: $1.8B
    iiNet: $1.1B

    Telstra has 70 billion dollars more than TPG. If they want to compete with a company 12 times bigger than them, they need all the growth (manufactured and real) they can get.

    edit: this was mean to be a reply to @davis ' comment about anti- competitive behaviour.

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    "Hello sir, thank you for calling Tee Pee Gee my name's Barnaby. Can I just clarify that you'd like me to verify that you're speaking with Barnaby sir?"

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