This Tiny Toolbox Transforms Into An Entire Woodshop

Who hasn't stumbled across an episode of This Old House or New Yankee Workshop on a lazy Sunday morning and dreamed of being as skilled a woodworker as Norm Abram?

The problem for many of us is our tiny apartments with no room for a workshop. But it's a problem that might finally be solved with this amazing toolbox that transforms into almost any woodworking tool you could need.

This Tiny Toolbox Transforms Into an Entire Woodshop

Inside the box you'll find a jigsaw, a circular saw and a drill, but each of those can be re-purposed into other tools like a table saw, a scroll saw, and a drill press by just reconfiguring the toolbox itself. It's an amazing creation that even comes with its own power in the form of an 18V battery. But it can run off AC as well if you need it working all day long at a construction site.

This Tiny Toolbox Transforms Into an Entire Woodshop

At $US600 it's not cheap. And at 16kg when fully packed away it's not light. But if you don't have the space for a dedicated workshop at home, this could easily let you temporarily re-purpose any room. Does a baby really need that dedicated nursery for all 24 hours in a day? Probably not. [Hammacher Schlemmer via Coolest Gadgets]



    Looks promising, don't know how long the box would hold up if it was being used for anything other than the weekend home handyman activities. I guess this is who it is aimed at though.

    BTW, this was out in 2010 at least, so is this an updated version or something?
    Gives a better idea of the setup

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    good to know I can get a job as a voiceover artist for american infomercials.

    lol I've had one of these for years. it's pretty good. but does have its limits if you don't have a decent size workbench to begin with to add it to.

    Perfect for those living in a flat of small residence with no access to a garage. I will always prefer my bigboy toys though. :)

    Not exactly new as it originally came out in 2010 with nicad batteries and was then updated to Lithium

    Great workbench for building tiny things.

    However for house renovations its pretty much a failure. Can't do a whole lot.

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