This Gorgeous Steampunk Lamp Would Look Perfect In My Flying Ship

I wish I had the disposable income to purchase niceties like this and pretend I'm some sort of swash-buckling captain of a steampunk boat of the skies. Until this fantasy becomes reality (never), I'll just have to admire the handwork of others, with this excellent lamp from a crafty fellow by the name of Leander Lavendel being a prime example.

Called the "Aetheria Circumducitur", it's essentially a coloured plastic light with a spinning brass cage. In its active state and in a suitably dark environment, it's up there as one of the more interesting curiosities you could use to illuminate your study, garage or Victorian-era tinkerer's shop.

The lamp isn't as impressive when it's turned off, where you can easily see it's a suspended acrylic tube.

The video of it being turned on isn't exactly thrilling stuff either, but here it is for the curious:

The Instructables article doesn't really provide much in the way of specific information on how it was built, other than some eye-raising suggests for power sources (a "Tesla Transformer" outputting " 5000 Volts and 10 Milliamperes"), though you're more than welcome to give it a perusal.


Photos: Leander Lavendel

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