There's Already A Petition To Stop TPG Buying iiNet Because Of Course There Is

TPG launched a bid this morning to scoop up iiNet into its stable of subsidiaries for a whopping $1.4 billion, and the internet is less than pleased. And just like clockwork, there's now a petition about it.


The petition, which only has a few supporters so far, states that the sale of iiNet to TPG would " hurt the Internet landscape of Australia":

iiNet is an Australian company with a reputation for good support, and a stalwart defense against those who would seek to lessen the privacy of, and make criminals of, Australian internet users. The sale of the company to TPG would hurt the Internet landscape of Australia by the loss of solid competition, the use of offshore support and the subsequent loss of Australian jobs, and the loss of the innovations that iiNet was known for.

Interestingly, the petition will go to the head of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, pushing for the Commissioner to stop the deal going through.

These petitioners aren't the only ones unhappy about the deal, either. Whirlpool Forum users are going nuts about the deal:

There's even a thread about where to churn to if you're unhappy about the deal. Crikey. []

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