There’s A Massive Petition To Get Jeremy Clarkson Unsuspended

There’s A Massive Petition To Get Jeremy Clarkson Unsuspended

It seems that despite allegations of punching a producer, Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson still has plenty of fans left, and they all want him to get back to work.

An internet petition currently doing the rounds has accrued a massive number of signatures so far, and calls for the Top Gear presenter to be re-instated.

At the time of writing, the petition has garnered over 555,000 signatures, and is being shared under the hashtag #BringBackClarkson which is going nuts on Twitter.

Commenters signing the petition are pretty cranky at the BBC for suspending the host, too. Not all of them are the sharpest tools in the shed, however, and all of them seem to have curiously omitted the fact that Clarkson is in hot water for a physical altercation as opposed to a verbal one.

One signee said that a “minority of over-sensitive people should not ruin one of Britons (sic) favourite shows”, while another wrote that they were signing it “because f*ck you, that’s why i’m signing this. BBC NEEDS CLARKSON. EVERYONE NEEDS CLARKSON. #TeamJezza (sic)”.

“Clarkson suspended for arguing while Jimmy Savile got away with multiple rapes,” wrote another signee, perhaps (read: definitely) in poor taste.

Whether you agree with the commenters or not, there’s a massive groundswell of support for the Top Gear presenter. Whether it will work remains to be seen. []