The Southern Lights Are Going Off In Australia, And It Looks Amazing

Visiting the Northern Lights is a dream many of us share, but the distance between Australia and the top of the world puts it out of reach for most. Thankfully, the Sun has our best interests at heart, and blasted charged particles our way so Australia and New Zealand could view the lights. The videos are pretty spectacular.

Aurora Australis, commonly known as the Southern Lights, is normally only visible from the southern tips of New Zealand's South island or to the South of Tasmania. Strong solar output means that the lights have recently been visible as far North as New South Wales. The above video was taken in Kiama in New South Wales.

Here's a sighting of a purple aurora over Goulburn in southern New South Wales.

It was also visible in Templeton, New Zealand

Then there was this green beauty, just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

Have you seen the Aurora in Australia? Leave a link to your image or video in the comments and we'll put it in the post!

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    What's the farthest north anyone has spotted the aurora in Australia this last few days?

    When and where can we view these? I got up pretty early and saw nothing and I'm in Melb.

    I was in Jamberoo last night. I wish I knew this was happening. What's the optimal time to see it?

      Keep an eye on to track current conditions. I think the storm has mostly passed now by the looks of it, mostly only visible over antartica if anything.

    When we lived in northern NSW, far inland, we used to see the aurora australis pretty often. The colours always looked a lot better than the aurora borealis.

      Wow, that's incredible if you were actually seeing the aurora australis that far north, would be very rare. I expect the extremely dark skies out west would help. What town were you near? Ive seen them in the 80's back when I lived in Tassie but only a distant memory.

    TODAY is 19th March ...
    about them southern light things -
    Now look here!
    I live at Frankston and my 2 storey home's about 30 m above sea level and close to the water - I can see the youyangs and lights of Geelong clear across Port Phil.
    AND ... we have virtually unimpeded view due South around to NE - so 270 degrees worth.
    Spent 2 hours at the ready, video camera in hand from 7.30 pm.
    Spent the entire night toing and froing until 5 am
    NOTHIN at ALL (except stars)
    And not a CLOUD in the SKY !
    I feel cheated ... mozzies did ok : (
    Who responsible for this nonsense, hey?
    WHO ???

    I wonder if this signifies the solar minimum/quiet period is drawing to a close. ?

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