The New Galaxy S6 Brings With It A New Gear VR

The New Galaxy S6 Brings With It A New Gear VR

Don’t panic: just because you want the Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge doesn’t mean you have to miss out on sweet, sweet virtual reality goggles. The new models will support an updated version of the Gear VR Innovator Edition featuring a new design.

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The Gear VR for S6 will still require you to pop your phone in the front of the unit to start gaming, but Samsung has made sure that the screen is up to snuff for virtual reality.

It's still an Oculus-optimised affair, but this time with a more comfortable strap and better ventilation so the screen doesn't fog up after long-term use.

It's also 15 per cent smaller so it's less strain on your neck when you wear it. The new Gear VR also features USB power so your battery won't die while you're playing or watching content.

The S6 is packing a 5.1-inch Quad-HD Super AMOLED screen. That's a screen resolution of 2560x1440, with 577 pixels per inch.

You can read more about the Galaxy S6 right here.

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No word on a launch date yet, but we'll keep you posted.

Luke Hopewell travelled to Mobile World Congress 2015 as a guest of Samsung.