The Lord Of The Rings ‘Door Of Durin’ Is Now A Reality

The Lord Of The Rings ‘Door Of Durin’ Is Now A Reality

There’s Lord of the Rings fandom — attending midnight movie premiers and dressing up as your favourite elf for Comic-Con, for instance. And then there are the super-fans who speak elvish fluently and reconstruct iconic landmarks from Tolkein’s fantasy world in their own homes.

Case in point — The Tolkien fan known online as Neular has recreated the Mines of Moria door for his basement theatre, and it’s looking pretty fan-freakin-tastic. In Middle Earth, the Door of Durin is the hidden entrance to a cavernous world that harbours the dwarves’ unfathomable riches. Only visible in the moonlight, the door’s fine silver inlay contains an Elvish inscription that offers a clue to the voice-activated command that will cause the door to open. Tolkein, it seems, may have dreamed up the world’s very first smart home.

But, since this basement Door of Durin will never see the night sky, its glow comes from bright LED strips that snake around door’s back. When touched, electric blue light shines through the door’s front panel — a large piece of plexiglass covered in a hand-carved vinyl coating — and the door magically swings open. Plans are already in the works to make it voice controlled so that it will only open when the secret Elvish password is spoken.

I mean, close enough, right? Learn more about how this incredible home-brewed secret door was built here. [Reddit]

Top image via LOTR Wiki