Telstra Now Featuring Presto

Do you use a Telstra product and like streaming the latest TV shows? The agreement between Telstra and Presto promises to help grow the new on demand TV and Movie service and offers 3 months free subscription to select users.

With Netflix launching later this month, it’s no wonder that Australian streaming services are teaming up to take on the threat. The partnership looks to be a good move for both Telstra and Presto, raising awareness of the platform and giving customers more content on more devices. As the largest telecommunications provider, Telstra has a wide reach when it comes to Australian consumers and is an ideal re-seller for digital media services.

The Presto service is already available to Telstra mobile customers and a T-Box app (Telstra’s digital set top box) is coming soon. With 600,000 of the devices already in homes across Australia, it will help make it easier for less tech savvy users to try out Presto.

Importantly Presto, will be un-metered for Foxtel Broadband and Telstra fixed broadband customers. Sadly data use (and any other charges) still apply for mobile use. Considering how little data most plans have in Australia, this is no surprise, but it would be nice to see un-metered access when on the go –- streaming Presto on the train to work would be a great way to relax.

Re-contracting and new Telstra mobile customers will also receive a free three month Presto subscription, though normal charges apply afterwards. If you aren't a Telstra customer, you can get 30 days to try the service free directly from Presto. Presto via Telstra will set you back the same price — $9.99 per month for TV or movies, or $14.99 for both.

TV shows available include, The Wire, Dexter and Entourage as well as Aussie content such as Wentworth, Love My Way and Packed to the Rafters. There are also a range of shows available for kids, such as SpongeBob and Dora the Explorer. [Telstra] [Presto]

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    If we are already a presto subscriber, is there a way to get in on this, or is it one of these "new subscribers only" deals

    Isn't Presto in competition with the Foxtel streaming service? Isn't Foxtel owned (most of it) by Telstra?

      Foxtel owned presto originally. Now they own 50% the other half is owned by seven west media (seven network).

    My chromecast came with two free months of Presto. Gave it the flick after two days, it's appalling. Call me crazy, but when I watch a film I like to actually be able to make out the actors' faces.

    Been using Presto for 1 day now and im already bored with it - TV. its just back catalogues of about 5 or so big name TV shows - The rest looks like it was imported from the ABC.
    Movie selection is appalling with a couple of blockbusters, and the rest is just B-Grade affair - better selection of movies available in the bargain bin at your local video store closing down sale. The 'trending now' section of the site lists 'The Thomas Crown Affair' and 'Dracula 2000' as popular now - That should give you some idea as to how bad this is - Wait for Netflix.

    Presto Sucks! I joined and can't register a device?? Don't bother joining it doesn't work. Look at their help blogs. No can watch it's a problem they can't fix...

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