Telco Complaints Down, Data No Longer ‘How They Get You’

Telco Complaints Down, Data No Longer ‘How They Get You’

We may just be getting used to the idea of data as a society — and our needs are definitely being serviced better by telcos, as we’ve seen more than a 20% drop in mobile-related billing complaints to telcos in the last quarter, and the lowest coverage-related complaints since April-June 2010.

Complaints to telcos are the lowest they’ve been in eight years, according to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. Funnily enough, that lines up with the release of the first iPhone, eight years ago. Also known as when data really became a thing.

To back that up, Ombudsman Simon Cohen singled out less complaints due to mobile billing problems being a factor, and “innovative new products that reduce unexpected high charges”. Indeed, the increased ability to decide what’s data-based and what isn’t has been a Godsend. Whatsapp, anyone?

In fact, the large percentage drop of mobile complaints has more than compensated for the slight rise in complaints about landlines:

It’s still very possible to get caught out while travelling overseas. But society has clearly become more comfortable with what data is, and how much we need. Both the telcos with their plans, and us knowing how many cat videos we need to see on the go.

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