Sick Of uTorrent's Crap? Try These Other Torrent Clients

uTorrent has napalmed the last of its bridges, first by bundling adware with its installer and now, allegedly, a Bitcoin miner. If you're ready to ditch uTorrent, there are plenty of alternatives available.

Rather than figure out the best options yourself through trial and error (and a cycle of installs and uninstalls), gHacks' Martin Brinkmann has already done the hard yards, selecting a few of the top clients for users of any platform.

His personal recommendation is qBittorrent, which can be installed on Windows, Linux or OS X and comes with an interface similar to uTorrent, without the ads and other bloatware. If you're on Android, Flud is worth a look, while another popular cross-platform option is Deluge, a good choice if you'd like to run a remote torrent server.

It's hard for OS X users after something straightforward to go past Transmission, though it's also available for Windows in the form of Transmission-Qt Win.

In my opinion, a great option if you have a NAS or other embedded system (such as a Raspberry Pi), is to run a lightweight torrent server and just connect to it via browser. It takes a little setting up, but it's easily accessible from any LAN-connected device and acts as a centralised repository for downloaded content.


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