SanDisk Has The First Flash Drive With A Reversible USB Type-C Connector

SanDisk Has the First Flash Drive With a Reversible USB Type-C Connector

Remember those rumours about a 12-inch MacBook that ditched a MagSafe connector and traditional USB ports for a single USB Type-C port? If true, SanDisk's new Dual USB Drive will be the first flash drive that's able to connect to that redesigned hardware without an ugly adaptor.

But given it will be a few years before USB Type-C is common on all computers and mobile devices, SanDisk's new 32GB Dual USB Drive still comes with a standard-sized USB port on one end. When using the other, though, you'll never again have to make a 50/50 guess as to which is the right side up because like with Apple's Lightning connector, USB Type-C is reversible -- hooray! [SanDisk]


    I want it!!!
    I want it!
    I want it to connect both sides and see what will happen )))

      Dammit stop dividing by zero!

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